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Crowdsourcing Portal for Grassroots Participation in the Legislative Process

Mr. Xerxes S. Nitafan
Atty. Juan Alfonso P. Torrevillas
Atty. Joanna Maries V. Narvaez
Ms. Katrina Mae Ann S. Sevilleja
Atty. Regine Amor P. Tenorio

Senate of the Philippines
Senior Leaders Track
E-Learning Module on Blue Ocean Strategy
and Blue Ocean Leadership for the Philippine Congress


The 1987 Philippine Constitution recognizes the role of the people in proposing legislation. However, only a member of the Congress, either a Senator or a District and Party-list Representative can introduce legislative proposals in both Houses. As such, for our Blue Ocean Strategy output, we deem it essential to create a platform where citizens can directly and effectively communicate their proposals to the members of the Congress. This will result in streamlining of the current process of gathering proposals from citizens in offices of the Senators. Moreover, through this platform, the staff of the Senators may also increase their efficiency in evaluating legislative proposals.